The Value of What We Offer

Participation with the Tri-State Horse Shows Association offers individuals and shows numerous benefits.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and rewarding the hard work and accomplishments of it members.  Members can include riders, non-riders, and horse shows.  

Riders and their horses are recognized for their participation and accomplishments at shows in a 6 state region.  Member riders can track and evaluate their point progress on our website and assess what shows may be beneficial to their rankings.  Horses and riders are recognized annually at our awards banquet and their accomplishments are promoted to industry media and on our website.  Young riders are eligible for valuable scholarships.

Non-Showing Supporters of TSHSA are the core of our organization. Their financial commitments and time spent volunteering to promote their breeds are the way we accomplish our mission.  Non-showing members are eligible for special awards given annually. Joining TSHSA is also a great way to support a family member or friend who is competing at our shows.

Horse shows are the core of our industry and our ability to support their efforts benefits everyone.  We strive to promote attendance at our Member Horse Shows and provide great promotional opportunities at a cost effective price point. All TSHSA shows are clearly listed on our calendars with website links, locations and point opportunities.  Additionally, shows can advertise directly on our home page.

We hope you will consider joining (or re-joining!) the new TSHSA.  We have big plans!