The Tri-State Horse Shows Association was organized in 1942.  With World War II going on and gas rationing, it was hard to travel long distances to show the few horses that were around.  Local small towns would put on horse shows to entertain the public and give the horse people a place to show and market their horses.  This organization was started by a group of horsemen from three states, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, and has grown to include Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

 The first board of trustees consisted of nine members.  They met three times per year and an awards banquet was established to recognize the achievements of that years winners.  The by-laws were drawn up by an attorney who had possibly been one of the original board members.  They were strict and followed the American Horse Shows Association (now USEF) rules.

 The Association has grown to be one of the biggest and most prestigious association with its members showing hunters, Saddlebreds, and ponies.  We are also proud to be offering one or more scholarships for students bound for college.

In 2017 we will celebrate our 75th year, hopefully one of our best ever!