Eligible Point Division List

*If you see a division you would like added, please contact us!

Please NOTE:  You must show in 3 TSHSA Shows and earn a minumum of 15 points to be eligible for end of year awards.  Except in Equitation and Academy, the owner of the horse must be a member and points follow the horse.

Point scale for Tri State.JPG

5 Gaited:

5 Gaited Open

5 Gaited Amateur

5 Gaited Ladies

5 Gaited Juvenile (Junior Exhibitor)

5 Gaited Junior Horse 

3 Gaited:

3 Gaited Open

3 Gaited Amateur

3 Gaited Ladies

3 Gaited Juvenile (Junior Exhibitor)

3 Gaited Junior Horse

Fine Harness:

Fine Harness Open

Fine Harness Amateur

Fine Harness Junior Horse


ASB Park Open

ASB Park Amateur

ASB Park Pleasure Open

ASB Park Pleasure Amateur

ASB Park Pleasure Junior Horse

ASB Park Pleasure Driving


ASB 5 Gaited Show Pleasure

ASB 3 Gaited Show Pleasure Adult

ASB 3 Gaited Show Pleasure Juvenile

ASB Show Pleasure Driving

ASB Country Pleasure Adult

ASB Country Pleasure Juvenile

ASB Country Pleasure Driving

ASB Hunter Country Pleasure

ASB Western Country Pleasure


Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17

Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 14-17

Saddle Seat Equitation 11-13

Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 11-13

10 & Under Walk/Trot Equitation

Lead Line


ASB In Hand

Open English Pleasure

All Breed Open Pleasure Driving

Parade Horse

Freisian Walk/Trot


Morgan English Pleasure Open

Morgan English Pleasure Amateur

Morgan English Pleasure Junior Exhibitor

Morgan Western Pleasure Open

Morgan Western Pleasure Amateur

Morgan Western Pleasure Junior Exhibitor

Morgan Hunter Pleasure Open

Morgan Hunter Pleasure Amateur

Morgan Pleasure Driving Open

Morgan Pleasure Driving Amateur

Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving

Morgan Classic Pleasure Under Saddle


Road Pony Open

Road Pony Amateur

Road Pony, Juvenile Driver

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving, Juvenile Driver

Hackney Pony Country Pleasure Driving

Hackney Pony Show Pleasure Driving

Hackney Pony Park Pleasure Driving

Hackney Pony Open


Acad WT Pleasure 8 & Under

Acad WT Equitation 8 & Under

Acad WT On The Line 8 & Under

Acad WT 9-10 Pleasure

Acad WT 9-10 Equitation

Acad WT 11-13 Pleasure

Acad WT 11-13 Equitation

Acad WT 14-17 Pleasure

Acad WT 14-17 Equitation

Acad WTC 11-13 Pleasure

Acad WTC 11-13 Equitation

Acad WTC 14-17 Pleasure

Acad WTC 14-17 Equitation